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Weekend of Action to put European rail #backontrack

International press release In response to continued cuts to the cross/border rail services in Europe – including night train routes such as Berlin–Brussels–Paris, Copenhagen – Prague and Barcelona – Milan – continent/wide actions over the weekend aimed to kick/start a turnaround in transport policy. At Berlin’s

Toolkit: Let’s put European trains back on track !

Painting a banner for the action in Copenhagen.     LET’S PUT EUROPEAN TRAINS BACK ON TRACK! WHY ARE YOU TAKING ACTION FOR THE TRAINS? Easy, comfortable and safe. Trains are also the greenest way to travel in Europe. But several night trains have been cut back

First get-together and common demonstration in Berlin

Activists from different places in Europa were gathered in Berlin on Friday. 6 March 2015. That afternoon had the majority government in Bundestag voted down the opposition’s proposal. The idea was to make DB stop the cuts of night trains and car-trains until there is