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DB sleeper trains performed better than expected prior to withdrawal

WHILE German Rail (DB) ceased operation of all classic overnight trains with sleeper and couchette coaches on December 11, internal DB documents retrieved by the German newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung show that the services recorded increased profitability in the last few months prior to their withdrawal. The

1st Victory: The Paris-Port Bou will continue in 2017!

DEC 26, 2016 The Occitania Region has announced that it has reached an agreement with the French State to maintain the Paris-Port Bou night train. SNCF has been ordered to resume operations. The mobilization of users, trade unions and elected representatives has shown that the

Night trains saved – so far – in Sweden

Swedish Tourist Association is giving this good news from the far North: Swedish Transport Administration announced a few days ago that the two night trains will continue to go to northern Sweden until 2020. Each day, each way. This is something we have worked for

Last night on the job on CityNightLine

Holstein gets out SPIEGEL ONLINE’s feature The German Railways no longer wants night trains. The Austrian Federal Railways take over the material, but not the people. The remaining people are such ones as train attendant Joachim Holstein. SPIEGEL was following him on the last ride

Night trains in Europe at the lowest level in 100 years

Presentation in Berlin before the demonstration at the Main Railway station when the last German CityNightLine departed. Presented by Poul Kattler, Denmark: It is time to make a status from our fight. We are an interesting mix of individuals and organisations among Users Recent and

So many demonstrations in France in favor of night trains

In the weekend 26.-27. of November 2016 there was called to support of the French night trains. It came to so many fine demonstrations all around France. New demonstrations are taking place. Have you still not supported the petition, please do so! >> Latest update

Many demonstrations followed the stop of CityNightLine

Many places on the CNL network protests will take place against the complete closure of German night trains. The list will be updated. Various organizers. Friday 9, evening: Cologne Friday 9, evening: Amsterdam (Rover is organizing) Friday 9: Munich Saturday 10, morning: Hamburg Saturday 10, afternoon

Last DB motorail trains 29./30.10.2016

When the last motorail train departed Saturday 29.10. from Lörrach it was 95% full. Full German motorail trains was the tradition. But anyway they are now history. At 16.12. will the first new private motorail train depart from Hamburg Altona to Lörrach (suburb to Basel)

ÖBB will fill some night train gaps after DB closures

ÖBB – the Autrian Railways – will open night train runs from Germany to Austria and Switzerland when German Railways (DB) will close all their lines. ÖBB will take over aprox. 40% of the lines. Timetable and bookings is open. With ÖBB night trains partly on