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17 new sets of night trains for Norway

Norway has some of the most spectacular night train connections. In February 2023, Norske Tog announced that it would order new rolling stock to serve them until 2027, starting with the route to Bergen in 2026.

With this, Norway is following the trend to introduce fixed train sets in night-time long-distance services as well. But unlike ÖBB’s new Nighjet this night train is not locomotive-hauled, which might increase the noise, which is detrimental for night train traffic. Also no capsules were considered to increase the density of use on night services.

But these trains will offer a modern canteen-style dining car area, which is missing on the new Nightjets.

And although these quite expensive trains have a high average usage density of 68 passengers per car, this is because they reserve a large part of the train set for cars with daytime seating.

It is worth noting that the trains are bought by a national rail holding company to be rented out to the different rail operators – a model also promoted by Back-on-Track as a possible solution to the problem of lack of new rolling stock for night trains in the European Union.

Technical Data:

Max. speed: 200 km/h.
Propulsion: 15 kV AC or Diesel
Max. capacity: 542 passengers
Carriages (per fixed set): 8


  • 4-bed and 2-bed compartments coaches, convertible for daytime
  • Deckchair coaches
  • Bistro
  • Playgound
  • Bicycle transportation

Order Data:

Manufacturer: Stadler (FLIRTNEX platform)
Trainsets ordered: 17 (option for up to 100)
Production time: 3 years
Purchase volume: 8 B NOK (727 M EUR)
5.34 M EUR average per carriage (incl. haulage)


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