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65.000 signatures handed over in Stockholm

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The Swedish branch of Back on Track has delivered 65 000 names in favour of night trains Stockholm/Oslo- Copenhagen-Hamburg- Paris/Berlin to the Swedish transport minister!

Lars Igeland, Karin Sandqvist and
Per Eric Rosen participated in the meeting with Transport minister Tomas Eneroth (with the printed signatures).

The petition has been a success – and the minister Tomas Eneroth also seem to understand the momentum in the issue. This week the Swedish government announced extra money in the budget for night trains. They also asked the transport administration office to make a study about international night trains that will be finished next year. The minister said it was a priority for him but that there are many challenges with many countries having to agree and of course money. At the meeting we also spoke about open booking systems and the possibility of state involvment in financing new rolling stock for international traffic and the opportunity for Sweden to be a model for other countries.

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