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A change to get involved and heard

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Why should your country and region not hear about the opportunities of climate friendly transport?

A positive wave is observed in countries like Switzerland, Holland, Denmark and Sweden, where a trend is on the move against flying and for rail transport and night trains. Maybe also elsewhere in Europe?

In this light, Back-on-Track is calling for European wide coordinated actions around first of May, to influence national and European policy makers some weeks before the EU-parliament election.

What can you do?

Find your friends, some of them are on this mailing list, in case you don’t know them yet. Find your way of making actions: Meetings, street actions, photo actions, taking part in other events. Or something else.

Report to me, what you are about to do, so it can be published on the Back-on-Track homepage. And announce it locally, so it can be a great success! And after your event, send a small report.

Back-on-Track is a relatively loose organized network, and we try to support activities and policy making to support night trains in Europe and international trains in general. A new policy paper was published a month ago, and followed discussions in Vienna (among us and with the air resistance movement “Stay Grounded”) and in Brussels with organizations and politicians. Have a look:

What about to meet other Back-on-Track activists in real?

We have decided to meet again in 2019 on the 19.-20. of October in Hamburg. We will come already Friday afternoon join a demonstration at Altona Station against a proposed shut-down of the auto train loading facility here. We will invite Stay Grounded and suggest joined sessions during the weekend, if they want.

Put the dates in your calendar, and prepare for cheap train tickets. Hamburg Altona is terminal station for three daily night trains. You will be kept informed.

Other news:

MEP’s mobilizing in Brussels 19.3.

A couple of our allies have organized a meeting in Brussels as a platform for propaganda against flying, and in favor of alternatives. Nicolas from Back-on-Track will give a speak on our behalf.

Questions to EU parliament election about flying and trains

Parties across Europe have (or will) answer our questions. Answers will be published when ready on our homepage. A press release will be issued in cooperation with Stay Grounded – and before Easter.

Success in Scandinavia with petition

56,369 have signed the Back-on-Track Scandinavian petition right now. It has made a good impact in Denmark and Sweden.

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