About us and our policies

Back-on-Track is a European network to support improved European cross-border passenger train traffic and night trains.

We do organize events and meetings, and much has happened so far. Look in the menu (and sub-menues) above to find reports.

Network goals
The network sees trains as:
– One of the most environment friendly European long distance ways of travelling
– An important part of the transport system to come, and not only a part of our history
– A convenient way of travel to both leisure and business, all the year around

International trains as well as night trains and auto-trains are an integrated part of European railway traffic. Neglected night trains are a strong indicator of a dis-integrated and deteriorated rail system.

We think that…
– Subsidies must be allowed, as long as trains suffer from unfair competition for instance compared to airplanes.
– Modern and reliable rail transport should be kept a public responsibility and kept as an integrated entity to the benefit of the passengers and not to shareholders. With good workplaces with a dedicated staff.
– Railways shall keep a good level of service – easy to buy international tickets, one system for all tickets, not too expensive, with improved trains (night trains are suffering from old stock)
– Good long-distance connections are needed – interconnected night trains and international day trains, with coordinated timetables
– Night trains should connect a wide range of major cities and countries in Europe
– Regional cross-border train connections should be developed

>> Our policy paper February 2019: Steps to decarbonize the European passenger transport before 2030

How we work
We campaign through outreach & mobilization, EU lobbying, international and national campaigns. We are a grassroots network, open for individuals and groups who support our goals. We can work together with other movements such as environmental and labour organisations, and put pressure on political parties, press and opinion leaders. We work on both the national and European level.

We respect differences among us, and focus upon what ties us together.
We have a flat structure; we meet on-line and on-site, and try to reach agreements in common.
We base our work upon voluntary work. It can also be fun to be a railway activist!

3 thoughts on “About us and our policies”

  1. pernille Welner says:

    Good work. What kind of voluntary help is needed?

  2. Helen Wahlgren says:


    The citizens in Europe should start a initiative. How can we get organized!?


  3. Arnaud Wieclawski says:

    I am really happy to discover your organisation. This is a big surprise for me and I would be really interested to join you, and especially the belgian part (if there’s any categorization by country). I already wrote to the SNCb to talk with them about the possibility to re-open the line doing Brussels-Luxembourg-Milan which was a must 10 years ago, and I want to do more, but I don’t really know what to do, maybe a petition ? I think that a good beginning would be to talk to you. Do you have a lot of contact with the french organisation “oui aux trains de nuit” that has published a wonderful report about the potential of night trains?
    I’m really glad to have found you anyway, i’m feeling much less lonely !


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