Action day in Berlin Dec. 2016

Back-on-Track arranged an international action i Berlin

The weekend 10.-11. December 2016 was a sad and historical moment. German railways closed all their City Night Line trains. It was a big loss, and will send more passengers to airplanes and busses. However ÖBB will take over 40% of the German lines, nevertheless 60% will disappear. For instance from 10.12. there is no longer night train service from Berlin to Köln!

If trains shall compete with climate hostile airplanes and uncomfortable busses, night trains with real beds across Europe are an important part of the future. They shall not die, but shall be developed!

“It takes only one hour to travel with the night train: half an hour to get to sleep and half an hour to wake up.”

Hand-out (German/English) — Press info (English)

Demonstration 20:30 – 21:55 Berlin Main Railway Station – pictures below!

We started at the Main Hall, ground floor, right outside Southern Exit (direction to the Parliament). Here we had short speeches and music.

21:00 we left the ground floor and went downstairs to track 4. The last train departured 21:50.

>> Many demonstrations did follow the stop of CityNightLine