Action week April 2018

6. – 15. 4. 2018

Night trains are a part of the present day transport system. The week af action will focus on, why night trains are a perfect option to travellers in Europe. What is possible? How does it work? How shall the night trains be improved?

A week of action means that it is European coordinated actions under the same umbrella. The activities will as much as possible be published and updated here on this website. Look for the graphics here!

Switzerland: We’re planning to do actions on platforms around the country addressed to the environment-minister on the issue of taxes on tickets for trains and flights and other kind of unfair competition. A wider political alliance will back this initiative.

Denmark: Action during the second weekend (14.-15.4.) about the possibility to use trains on long distance in Europe, and the need for a new night train from Copenhagen to both north and south. On the most busy train station Nørreport, Copenhagen. Facebook event.

Sweden: Action on Malmö C. on Saturday about the proposal of new trains from Sweden to Germany via Denmark. Facebook event.

France: Both in Paris and in southern France.

Germany: Hamburg 6.4. (about the Altona Station project, which might exclude facilities to car loading). Munich group during an existing meeting in the last weekend. Berlin could be a third spot. Something in the Koblenz, Bonn- area.

Austria: Something in Vienna.

Spain: Will promote the few night trains that still exist, as the Madrid-Lisboa one, and a call for restoring of the Madrid-Paris and Madrid-Barcelona night trains. Coordination between different groups of activists.