Action week October 2018

1.- 12. of October

Our theme is this time: Fewer planes, more trains

There is a raising awareness of the need of climate friendly transportation. It is clear, that air traffic is destructive to the climate, and it is also clear that trains (at least in Europe) is a major answer to a transition. We have a good chance to mobilize and to reach the public and the press by making coordinated actions for trains and night trains during this period.

The Action week is taking place coordinated with the network “Stay Grounded” and in the weekend 12.-14. of October will Back-on-Track have a physical meeting  in Vienna for all activists. This will take place parallel (and partly together) with Stay Grounded.

>> See the provisional program for the meeting in Vienna!

Actions will be organized in various countries and published here and elsewhere. Looking for someone with Back-on-Track? Write to us and offer your assistance. Join our mailing list.

Copenhagen, Denmark. 4.10. Public meeting about Climate, Aviation and Trains. See here. Also handing over up to 25.000 signatures on demand of night trains to Scandinavia.

Copenhagen, Denmark. 6.10. Not confirmed. Street action in front of travel agency to enligten about the possibilities to avoid so much flying.