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Actions April – May 2019 for night trains as alternative to planes

Back-on-Track is calling for national events and actions about the need for night trains as alternative to climate hostile planes. The period of coordinated actions will be the weeks around May, timed to influence the election campaign to the European Parliament.

A part of the campaign is the information about politicians opinions to night trains and flying, which is gathered here.

The political position of Back-on-Track is described here. Make use of it!

6.4.: Climate demonstration in Zürich

11.4.: Meeting about international trains in Copenhagen organized by The Greens in Denmark/Sweden/Germany and Council for Sustainable Transport (DK).

25.4.: Shall we really fly more? Public meeting in Copenhagen. See more info. The special angle was tourism and pop-culture.

26.4. Demonstration, Back-on-Track joined with Prellbock, which took place at Hamburg Altona at Ottenser Hauptstrasse.

3. + 4.5.: 20 people got in trains Lyria (Switzerland – France) in Genève and Lausanne to thank people boarding trains instead of planes and cars. 

4.5.: We went to station Brussels-Midi to ask when the night train to Lisbon leaves. We did this together with and many volunteers of JongGroen and member of our European Green team, headed by Petra De Sutter.
Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a night train leaving Brussels for 15 years now and the Paris-Lisbon train has not been running for two years. We were treated very kindly by the employees of SNCB International, for which we thank them. We also spoke to travellers waiting for their train if they could help us. An action with an element of humour to it. Many didn’t know this way of travelling was not possible anymore and supported our point of view. If the European Greens can do something about it, there will soon be more night trains in Europe!

4.5. Malmö European Forum, workshop on trains. How can Sweden be connected to Europe by railways?

6.5. Climate Festival in Copenhagen (Valby) about trains and less flying.