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Will the French rail network be axed?

A report about French financial railway sustainability from Mr. Jean-Cyril Spinetta landed 15.2. 2018 on the table of the French government. The report carries many interesting observations. The lack of money (automatic state subsidies are gone) is eminent. Like in Japan back in the 1970th.

News from the struggle in France

Rough translation of an update 16.1. 2018 on In November and December many mobilizations took place in the south and in Paris. They gave rise to a series of press articles. Congratulations in particular to the mobilization in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) and the Friends

Let the international trains to/from Spain return!

PETITION: The Trenhotel with the former nown ‘Elipsos’ brand covered the journeys Madrid-Paris (Francisco De Goya), Barcelona-Paris (Joan Miró), Barcelona-Milan (Salvador Dalí) and Barcelona-Zurich (Pau Casals). The trains disappeared on December 15 of 2013 as a consequence of the start-up that day of the new

Danish ngo-contact to ÖBB NightJet

Meeting with Kurt Bauer, ÖBB, 27/9-2017, ÖBB Headquarter, Wien Notes by Gunnar (SustainableEnergy), Poul (Council for sustainable traffic), the last one via phone from Copenhagen. Gunnar presented the Danish situation after which Poul told about the European cooperation “Back on track”, and confirmed a meeting