Bikes with the long distance trains

The last days has brought a demonstration in Paris to promote space for bikes in the Thalys HST. And then a demonstration in Zürich to promote more space for bikes in the ÖBB NightJet trains.

On June 7th, an action with bikes took place in front of the Thalys desk in Paris, to ask the company to allow bikes on its trains.

Thalys trains represent most of the long-distance rail traffic between France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, but they do not allow bycicles. It is today harder than ever to travel with a bike between Paris and Amsterdam or Köln.

Yet the combination of train and bike is a key solution for a climate-friendly mobility in Europe.
When Thalys renovated its trains, protesters obtained that spaces for bikes were installed, but they have never been used because the company did not sell the tickets for bikes.
Protesters therefore ask the company to allow bikes on its trains, and asks the European Commission to ensure that freedom of movement across Europe also applies to cyclists.

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