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Celebrating the first run of European Sleeper night train

As foreseen the night train of European Sleeper started on May 25th in Berlin for its way to Bruxelles.

Some activists of the german NGO Back on Track Germany e.V. were present and showed their prepared material to bring people on another path of thinking: Using a night train to Bruxelles ! This will be a good way for business trips as well as for tourists going from Berlin to Bruxelles !

Picture: Alfred Eiselen

>> Everything can be checked from the Belgium end at the line at and

>> Coverage with Bloombergs

4 thoughts on “Celebrating the first run of European Sleeper night train”

  1. comment prendre choisir sont propre trains et comment connaitre la gare vers laquelle aller pour en suite aller sur le trajet que le client choisi merci de m’aider sur ce site

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  3. Good luck with your project.

    EU overnight train travel makes so much sense for international travellers arriving into a smaller airport in the EU.
    1. Avoid the interEU airport hassle.
    2. Get from city centre to city centre.
    3. Avoid an expensive hotel night.

    Based on a recent trip; two suggestions:

    1. Berlin – capital of Germany to Strassbourg – capital of EU; no direct train service; night or day.
    It is the perfect distance for an over night service at about 8 hours travel time. Lots of visitors and workers travelling between them. Everyone uses the Strassbourg airport.

    2. Another good overnight would be the crazy expensive Geneva to Brussels 8 hour trip.

    1. Doug,
      thanks for your comments and proposals.
      Would you also be interested to support Back-on-Track ? With you help ? With your membership in one of the national sub-organizations ?
      Peter Cornelius

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