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Conference: Study on long-distance cross-border passenger rail services

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Under the European Green Deal, the European Commission has committed to making Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Later this year, the Commission will present an action plan to
boost long-distance and cross-border passenger rail services.

The Commission asked Steer, supported by KCW, to undertake a study on enabling the growth of long-distance cross-borderpassenger rail services including night trains.

Steer and KCW have engaged with numerous stakeholders (among others Back-on-Track) in creating a study to identify the obstacles which constrain the further development of these services whilst also proposing potential measures to remove them.

The purpose of this conference is to present the emerging results of that study, sharing the obstacles faced by long-distance crossborder passenger rail services and discussing potential measures and solutions to enable their future implementation.

Attendees of the conference should expect a series of short
presentations by the Steer and KCW study team with interactive
break-out discussion sessions followed by Q&A.

We valued your input to the study and are looking forward to
welcoming you to our conference, that will take place on-line on 1.9. 14.00 – 18.00 CEST.

>> See the Back-on-Track comments to the presentation

>> Pick up the brochure, STEER distributed 4.8. 2021

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