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    One thought on “Contact us”

    1. Dear Mr. Kattler,
      I am a retired Italian railwayman and I have always been a fan of Night Trains.
      I read with very much interest the “Night train conference in Brussels on January 30th, 2018” report and I am following the news published on “back-on-track” site. I am in favor of a revival of European Night Trains.
      My concern regards the fact that on internet I only found , as recent documents, some articles regarding the OeBB best practice about the brand Nightjet. Apart from your blog I didn’t find an updated survey on Night Trains, nor an economical study, sponsored by EU, showing key figures for a renaissance of this business. Despite several “rumors” that go on the direction of a possible new business model for night trains in europe. No doubt, as you say, that trains are the only environmental solution to beat airlines on long distances ! But I see the Railway Undertakings still prudent on the subject. Do you have, by case, some new analisys with economical figures and tendencies for the next 5 years? I would be very interested in knowing better this business and possibly to give a contribution. Thanks in advance for your support and again compliments for your fight!

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