Czech private railway operator RegioJet has begun to recognize Interrail and Eurail ticket in own’s trains

Previous years has given us a lot of examples of only-for-one-train tickets, and a pressure on the use of Interrail tickets. Now we can se another tendency – a private operator is accepting Interrail.

RegioJet is the first private operator in the Czech Republic, which has begun to recognize the international network tickets InterRail and Eurail on its trains.

Rail network tickets have so far been in Europe mostly with state carriers, RegioJet has been in the system since mid-July. “Especially at the Prague – Vienna connection, we often felt that the passengers had these tickets and wanted to go with us. This is why we wanted to join the system, “said RegioJet spokesman Aleš Ondrůj.

Interrail offers unlimited travel trains to European citizens, Eurail is designed for visitors from other continents. They often take their tickets just in order to travel comfortably when traveling to Europe by train and do not have to plan for, for example, air travel.

RegioJet recommends that passengers purchase these tickets, but this is not mandatory. “If, for example, he boards a train without reservation and the seat is free for the whole time of his journey, the staff will make a free reservation,” Ondrú said.

Tickets are valid on all RegioJet trains in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria, with the exception of Bratislava – Komárno. In case of a train and bus combination from Prague to Krakow, a reservation is required.

Reservation is based on 80 crowns in the Standard class, 130 CZK in the Relax class and 260 CZK in the Business class with a 1st class travel pass. A bed at night trains will cost 260 CZK.

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