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B-o-T reaction to Swedish report on night trains

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Back-on-Track, Denmarks say: Now Danish authorities has to enter the machine room – and begin with a look into our recommendations!

Monday 27.4. the long awaited Swedish report on the re-introduction of Scandinavian night trains to the continent was published with three annexes.

>> Find the Swedish report here (in Swedish)

>> Find the report in this in-official translation (to English)

>> Find a summary of the very interesting ASEK7 report. ASEK is a Swedish abbreviation meaning the principles and values that are recommended to be used in social cost-benefit analyses (CBA) in the Swedish transport sector.

Before the report came, politicians in Sweden and Denmark have backed the work, also by reserving funds for the first years of operations of night trains. The report is an excellent piece of work and will now form the basis for quick and practical handling by politicians and authorities so that the popular and political wishes can be unfolded in the practical world without delay.

From Back-on-Track, Denmark, we have already provided feedback to the Swedish Transport Administration’s interim report. Our feedback seems to have been heard. But there are still unresolved issues and places where the Swedish Transport Administration acts as a Swedish national authority for good reasons. Now we turn our expertise towards Danish politicians and authorities, to support the Danish positions, so that we can act

Quickly and wisely for the benefit of Danish travelers

Have a look to a future where trains can reduce CO2 emissions from passenger transport work in Europe

We have gathered the most important observations and recommendations in schematic form.

>> Read the Danish recommendations here

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