It came to 45 minutes presentation and debate in the TRAN Committee on the 20.6. 2017.

Follow this link to listen to the debate. Select your language, and start at 01 hour15 min.

Mr. D. Dunmore presented very short the findings from the report. And many good members raised during the debate the many weak points in the report. Dunmore replied rather defensive and said that the consultants did not want to repeat all the stuff about climate and environment and the missing taxes on air traffic. That was already well known, he said!

Dunmore did also accept that a German survey found that 75% of night train passengers would replace the missing night train with an air travel. But referred again to the Swedish survey, where more people would take another train (a survey related to the very complex Lapland traffic).

From the debate you can say that night trains have their strong supporters in the parliament, but will that support make consequences in the real World? Will the good tendencies with the Austrian, UK and Swedish night trains on its own change the overall trend of decline in climate friendly night trains?

The TRAN Committee will continue with the issue, and that is very good, and the civil society shall continue to back up the political process. Support the Back-on-Track network!

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