Ending the tax exemption on aviation fuel in Europe

Climate change, growing air pollution, and yet aviation emissions are increasing dramatically, year after year.

This is because plane tickets prices are very appealing due to unjustified tax advantages for the aviation industry, while train tickets remain considerably more expensive.

You are not the only one who is surprised about this. That is why we launched this European Citizens’ Initiative. It is a unique way for citizens to shape the European Union by calling on the European Commission to make a legislative proposal. Once an initiative collects 1 million signatures, the Commission is formally invited to take action and to propose a policy to the legislators.

Read the full text in your language:


Or find the machine generated translations here.

>> Sign the petition (EU citizens only)

Support the European Citizens’ Climate Initiative

A broader scale initiative is also worth supporting.

The fast, fair and effective solution to climate change. Putting an increasing price on pollution and giving the returns to households. Seems pretty simple and includes the aviation.

>> Sign this petition (EU citizens only)

One thought on “Ending the tax exemption on aviation fuel in Europe”

  1. Dear Poul, dear everyone,
    In a similar direction, also another European Citizens’ Initiative should be mentioned:
    is advocating a CO2-tax for the entire EU.

    I recommend to everyone to sign both initiatives.

    (Dear Poul, could you add it to the original blog post above, please?)

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