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European Year of Rail to set substantial ambitions

Back on Track’s demands for 2021 – the European Year of Rail

The European Union has declared 2021 to be the European Year of Rail! We as Back on Track, the European network to promote cross border night trains, strongly support this initiative. Accelerating climate change, unsustainable travel patterns and years of railway negligence and cutbacks require immediate action.

– Back on Track is during 2021 expecting a statement of the governments of each Member country of the European Union, in which way they will support night trains and cross-border day trains, also taking into account neighboring countries outside the EU. 

– Back on Track demands, both from the EU and from each member state, a statement on a binding goal for the share of train/road/planes passenger transport in 2030, 2040 and 2050.

– Back on Track is demanding a common booking platform.

– Back on Track is glad the revised passenger rights regulation has been put forward, but we call for significant improvements with regards to through-ticketing for international journeys.

– Back on Track is urging the EU commission to develop mechanisms to provide a good quality rolling stock pool, accessible for companies providing night train services.

We are looking forward to a good cooperation of railway companies in all Member states of the European Union, as well as neighboring countries, for developing night train and cross-border services.

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