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Finally can ÖBB place an order of 13 sets brand new NightJets

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It has been known for long, that ÖBB was about to renovate older stock into a next generation couchettes/liegewagen. And that they were about to order brand new cars to their NightJet services (Italy is changing their technical standard in the tunnels – old stock could not meet the standard). Also the ÖBB RailJets to Italy has to be renewed. Together 21 sets of cars has been ordered and options are made to much more in the following years.

They got into trouble with the bidding process, but now it is final, and Siemens will be the supplier (not so surprising) and production will take place at factories in Austria.

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(News update, Vienna, 17.08.2018) – ÖBB and Siemens have concluded a framework agreement for the supply of railjets and nightjets of the new generation. The total order volume amounts to over 1.5 billion euros. In a first call the ÖBB orders 21 trains with a value of approx. 375 million euros. The production of the 13 Nightjets and eight Railjets of the new generation will start in April 2019. By the end of 2022, all trains ordered will be in use.

“With the railjets and nightjets of the new generation, ÖBB are consistently continuing their comfort campaign. In overnight travel, we underpin our leading role in Europe with the additional trains for the Nightjet and set new standards for daytime traffic, “says Andreas Matthä, CEO of ÖBB-Holding AG.

For the design process, ÖBB relied on close cooperation with Siemens and the internationally renowned design studio PriestmanGoode. The focus was on optimizing the travel experience: in addition to the need for more privacy and greater comfort, the passengers’ desire for more individuality was also met. The new trains use high-quality materials such as wood and leather, thus creating a clear relation to Austria.

Railjet: Comfortable travel during the day

The nine-piece rail jets for day traffic offer barrier-free access for persons with reduced mobility and each have more than 500 seats. These will primarily be on the Brenner route from Munich via Innsbruck to Verona, Bologna and Venice with exciting innovations in use. First and foremost, there are individual compartments – so-called “pod areas” – available to passengers in addition to large-capacity vehicles. Families and business travelers benefit from additional privacy. In the 1st and 2nd class of the new railjets, passengers take their seat on newly developed, particularly comfortable and adjustable seats with footrests. The double seats can also be converted in a few steps to a kind of sofa.

In addition, each seat in the 1st and 2nd class will be upgraded with a USB charging socket. Free Wi-Fi, the passenger information system and improved mobile network connections complete the travel experience.

NighJet: More privacy in the night trains

The seven-cars nightjets of the new generation have two seat cars, three couchettes and two sleeping cars. Here, too, state-of-the-art design combines with more comfort. In the new couchette concept, additional mini-suites offer more privacy for single travelers and ensure a pleasant and relaxed arrival at the destination. Guests staying both in standard or deluxe sleeper cabs have access to a bath and shower facility in the compartment, while family rooms (two cabins together) are still available.

New on board is the free Wi-Fi, which was previously restricted to long-distance rail jets and is now also available to travelers in the night trains of the new generation.

The new sleeping car interior – notice that sleeping direction is changed from known European standards. Picture: PriestmanGoode.

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