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Back on Track has a very important function – to share information about night trains among concerned people. The mailing list is a core function, supplemented by what members find is important with meeting. The mailing list is used to distribute newsletters and other info from Back-on-Track to the rest of the mail list, and as important, used of all participants to share ideas and info to all us other!

This is the entry page to ask for admission to our large google group

By doing so, you enter only this group out of two possible groups.

> Do you want to have more influence and give more voluntary work? Become a member!

3 thoughts on “Join our mailing list”

  1. Kurt Bauer says:

    great initiative

  2. Maurizio Mariani says:

    intersting… i love travel by night train – quite often from London to edinburg, from Paris to venice and Vienna > venice

  3. Asger Svensgaard says:

    Not on facebook and at a loss about what to do
    other than submitting my mail address.

    Do keep up the good work !

    We want the romantic night trains back.

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