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Kristdemokraterna (UK)

1. Answer: Maintenance and new development of railways must be done to ensure good communications; This is primarily a responsibility for the national politicians to prioritize. It is important that there is an operator-independent platform for seeking travel and buying tickets so that travelers can easily plan train travel throughout the EU. This would probably lead to more trips by night train.

2. Answer: We want air travel to pay its environmental costs, which is not the case today. Then the conditions will become more even. Train travel should be facilitated by strengthened maintenance and new investments in tracks. It is primarily a national responsibility, but the EU can also co-finance this.

3. Answer: From 2020, railway companies should be able to operate throughout the EU without restrictions. We have therefore not yet fully seen the effects of the railway reform. Functional transport is a prerequisite for open borders and free trade, but also a key component in meeting the political objectives of the EU single market. By removing barriers to well-functioning rail traffic within the EU, economic growth and climate-smart transport are created, but also stability and peace. It is a success when the EU’s transport policy leads to the reduction of barriers, regardless of whether these barriers are of a technical, administrative or regulatory nature. Through open competition between different providers, the benefit for taxpayers can increase. At the same time, it is important to continuously evaluate how the traffic works in practice. Travelers and freight carriers must be at the center.

4. Answer: It is positive with improved train connections that can take market share from aviation. This is primarily a responsibility of the states concerned. For Sweden, KD believes that we should build high-speed rail on the Stockholm-Gothenburg and Stockholm-Malmö routes.

5. Answer: Clear planning is needed at the overall European level, for example through the designation of high-speed rail corridors.

6. Answer: It is important that passengers’ rights are met. In most agreements there is some form of exception for exceptional circumstances and it is reasonable that this also applies in the transport sector.

7. Answer: We want to introduce requirements for mandatory blending of renewable fuel in all aviation fuel. The start and landing fees must be environmental and climate control. The international agreements and conventions that currently put a stop to taxation of aviation fuel shall be renegotiated. In addition, we want to carry out a targeted investment in research and development of bio-based aviation fuels and to secure access to biofuel for the aviation.

7.1 Answer: First of all, it must be allowed to tax aviation fuel. The Christian Democrats believe that such a tax should be decided at national level because we do not want to give the EU taxation rights.

7.2 Answer: We do not suggest such a ban.  The best way to reduce short distance flights is to invest in other travel modes, primarily rail.  Environmental effects from short distance flights can be much reduced by electric air planes.