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Let the international trains to/from Spain return!

The Trenhotel with the former nown ‘Elipsos’ brand covered the journeys Madrid-Paris (Francisco De Goya), Barcelona-Paris (Joan Miró), Barcelona-Milan (Salvador Dalí) and Barcelona-Zurich (Pau Casals).
The trains disappeared on December 15 of 2013 as a consequence of the start-up that day of the new direct lines between Spain and France with high-speed trains (TAV). “The demand for these trains had dropped a lot in recent times,” said a spokesman for the French railway company SNCF to justify the suppression of those trains.
The ‘Elipsos’ were the best equipped international night trains in Europe, with a common denominator for all their customers: comfort and quality. The train hotels are made up of small cars, where privacy and security were guaranteed (Talgo trains of last generation and had service staff throughout the night to ensure customers).
The company offered different spaces for all types of clients and travel; you could share a cabin or have it for individual use. It also had an real restaurant, where a chef prepared the dishes at the request of the client with the guarantee of the international company Wagons Lits (of the Accor group). It also had a cafeteria.
These trains currently rest in a state of semi-abandonment in the workshops “La Sagra” of Renfe Integria in the Madrid-Toledo LAV. This request as you well know, is to try to return those trains with so much “glamor” that traveled for the long-awaited golden age of Renfe connecting Spain with much of Europe quickly, conveniently and affordably. Let’s not turn this into a world where there are only high-speed trains and the only commuter trains that exist are the Civia.
Our goal is to reach 1,000 signatures at the moment.

6 thoughts on “Let the international trains to/from Spain return!”

  1. I hope that the night Talgo train will soon come back in service. A night Talgos Amsterdam – Bruxelles- Madrid and Barcelona trains are environmental friendly than the airplane.

  2. Hay que sacar los elipsos de nuevo al exterior.
    Yo que vivo en Paris viajo menos , desde o hacía Barcelona, desde que no están.

  3. Barcelone to Frankfurt (via Rhin-Rhone and sttopping at either Basel or Strassbourg) might be an attractive solution, in particular im combuned with a half-train to Paris that might split off at night in Lyon. Track access is the issue.

  4. I would be glad if there was a nighttrain from Germany oder Switzerland to Barcelona. Travelling by rail so far more comfortable and the only environmentally responsible means of transportation. Europe could have the best technical conditions for an newly woven network of night connections. Sadly politicians don’t care so far.

  5. Bart Van de Walle

    I’ve taken this train on a number of occasions, and loved the experience. It’s sad the restaurant has been replaced by a simple cafeteria, but even then, it’s so much more convenient to be able to board in the evening after a last day of work, and arrive well rested at your destination, unlike with day trains, even the fastest trains are taking too long to be able to combine it with a day’s work. I’m willing to travel over 4 to 5 hours, but 7 hours and over on a TGV is just too long to be comfortable.

  6. Je suis belge et pour me rendre en Espagne il me faut deux jours maintenant au lieu d’un seul nuit. Vivement le retour des trains de nuits !

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