Meeting in Brussels 30.1. 2018

The Back-on-Track network of passengers using night trains  has called a half-day conference on Tuesday January 30th in the European Parliament, Brussels (room ASP 3H1), from 09.30 to 12.30.  The event is co-hosted by Lucy Anderson MEP and Jakop Dalunde MEP.
Our aim is to consider the contribution which night trains can make towards providing  an environmentally friendly alternative; to look at positive developments and what can be done by political and industry decision-makers to promote overnight services, as part of a Europe-wide network of international trains.
One of our hosts will open the meeting
Poul Kattler from Denmark, Back-on-Track co-ordinator, will present why Back-on-Track was formed and its aims.
The guest speakers will be Dr Libor Lochman, Executive Director of the Community of European Railways and Mr Kurt Bauer Head of Austrian Railways’ Long-Distance Passenger Department.
There will then be a break, followed by a structured discussion. We plan to accomodate up to three further speakers for short presentations.
Discussion will focus on how MEPs can use their influence  at EU level to create a favourable climate for the operation of night trains.
There is no charge for the conference.
Participants shall send an e-mail to Marianna Kolyva with your full name, address, birthday, country and passport no. not later than 23.1. Bring your passport to the meeting, and come at least 20 minutes ahead of the beginning – meet at the staircase in front of the Parliament building, Rue Wiertz 60.
A final programme will be issued in early January.
Trevor Garrod
on behalf of the Network