Night trains for future – the future of night trains

»Back on Track« conference in Hamburg, October 18-20, 2019.
The meeting is finished with a lot of succes!

Friday 18.10.2019 – 19:00-21:30

Location: Altonaer Rathaus (room: Kollegiensaal), Platz der Republik 1, 22765 Hamburg.

»The revival of night trains and their importance for saving the climate«

Panel discussion – open for the general public. Language: English. Questions can be made also in German and translated.

Karima Delli, chair of the European Parliament TRAN committee (came too late due to many hours train delays from Paris!)

Sven Pöllauer, EU & International Affairs Manager, ÖBB

Nick Brooks, secretary general of ALLRAIL, European private rail operator alliance

Bernhard Knierim (Bahn für Alle) (confirmed)

Patrik Nylander, representative for the Swedish government office

Carl Süß (Fridays for Future)

Demonstration to promote the conference and support the Altona station, also for Motor rail trains organized by “Prellbock Altona – Unser Bahnhof bleibt”

Activist conference of Back on Track

Location: Werkstatt 3, Nernstweg 32-34 (entrance left of restaurant), 22765 Hamburg. Language: English. Fee (conference): voluntary. Fee (food and drinks): according to price tags.

Saturday 19.10.2019

10:00-13:30   The revival of European night trains / la renaissance des trains de nuit d’Europe: Input and good examples with contributions from Austria, Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and other countries – plus EU and ALLRAIL

14:00-15:20 (parallel session 1)  How trains save both jobs and the climate: Presentation of the study »Employment Effects of Sustainable Mobility: A Systemic Analysis of Perspectives in Germany until 2035« introduced by Mr. Simon Mader, M-Five Consulting.

14:00-17:00 (parallel session 2)  EPF work group on international journeys
The Saturday afternoon Work Group on International Journeys will consider gaps in the network and corridors along which  services could be more attractive.
It will also look at good and bad practice and the campaigning  by national and regional  users’ associations and the plans of governments and operators.
The focus will be on daytime trains which, of course, should be integrated  with the night network.
Back-on-Track supporters  with a particular interest in, for example, Eurostar, Thalys and other international services will be welcome to take part. E-mail for a full agenda.

15:30-18:30   »No route found, no fares available«: The miserable state of booking an international train journey – and what the EU could to for customer friendly train travel. Introduction by Peter Koller from Bahnagentur Schöneberg, Berlin.

Sunday 20.10.2019

09:00-10:30   Night train hubs and their infrastructure: Vienna, Zurich – and Altona, Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen? Input by Michael Jung (Prellbock Altona) and others.

10:30-12:30   Steps towards a European night train network and the role of »Back on Track« (including: further development of the Back on Track structure)

13:30-17:00   Work groups and discussion groups according to previous conference (and taking into account that not all participants can remain until Sunday late afternoon)

For those who can arrive earlier than Friday late afternoon, we offered this program:

Friday 18.10.2019

Altona station: Welcoming those participants who arrive with the night trains from Zurich/Basel (08:08) and Vienna/Innsbruck/Munich (09:04) or with other trains

09:45: Short ride from Altona station with bus 112 to Museumshafen Övelgönne, there we take the ferry line 62 to Landungsbrücken, then with public transport to Rathaus where the »Fridays for Future« movement is expected to hold their weekly demonstration

12:00: »Fridays for Future« demonstration at Rathausmarkt (in front of City Hall)

13:30: Excursion (with S-Bahn, no long walks) to the planned and the current sites of railway station and motorail terminal, starting at Altona Station, DB information desk (track 5/6).

15:00: Joining the demonstration of NGOs »Prellbock Altona« at Altona station: Save Altona station, save night and motorail trains!