Meeting in Vienna 12.-14. October 2018

Program for Back-on-Track meeting in Vienna 12. – 14. of October 2018

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(Program will be more precise and will be updated, and we are very close to a final program)

The meeting will take place at the end of an Action week 1.-12. of October. Reserve the days in lovely Vienna, and prepare your journey. The meeting will be parallel to a meeting in the airport resistance group “Stay Grounded”, who will go public i September.

Pre-conference program Friday 12.10. at 10-16

We are trying to do something during the day. 10.00: visit at Railway workshop, ÖBB, venue is still uncertain. At 14.00 meeting with Austrian and British transport trade unions, Venue: GLOBAL 2000, Neustiftgasse 36, 1070 Wien

Friday evening: Public event at 19.00 (Back-on-Track and Stay Grounded together) – Language: English or German, translation to/from these languages will be provided – Venue: Vienna University, Universitätstrasse 7.

Turnabout Mobility: The challenge to stay grounded

Moderation: Mathias Krams (University of Vienna)

Keynote: Prof. Ulrich Brand (University of Vienna)

Cars and techno fixes are a problem, and not the solution. By Hermann Knoflacher, Professor Emeritus with Vienna Technical University

Just Transition – Development of good work places in the public transport system, with Sam Mason or Tahir Latif (PCS, UK trade union)

What kind of drivers are there to reduce flying? with Laura Machler, Stay Grounded

How can trains and night trains contribute to climate friendly mobility? Trevor Garrod, Back-on-Track

Open forum, questions and answers.

Saturday 11.10. Venue: WUK

9-9.30: Coffee and welcome

Language during the meetings: English or German, translation to/from these languages will be provided.

Conference program 9.30-12: (Back-on-Track and Stay Grounded together) Introductions Stay Grounded and Back on Track: who are we, what do we want, what has happened so far, voices from the different struggles. (Discussion: How to shift plane traffic to the railway?)

12-13: Lunch together

13-18: (Back-on-Track) Primary language: English. The latest development since January, also on the political scene. Recent expansions of night trains, progress report from various countries.

18-19.30: Dinner together (at a restaurant)

20-21.30: Social event.

Sunday  12.10. 9.30: (Back-on-Track) Primary language: English. Some of the challenges we are still facing. Work program covering the next year.

12-13: Lunch together

13-15: (Back-on-Track)Primary language: English. Special focus: The situation of trains and night trains in Eastern Europe. Introductions by Iwona Budych (Poland) and someone from the Slovak Republic.

15-16.30: (Back-on-Track and Stay Grounded together) Conclusions in common.

16.30-18.00: (Back-on-Track and Stay Grounded together) Photo action in the public.

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