Meeting in Vienna 12.-14. October 2018

Provisional program for Back-on-Track meeting in Vienna 12. – 14. of October 2018

The meeting will take place at the end of an Action week 1.-12. of October. Reserve the days in lovely Vienna, and prepare your journey. The meeting will be parallel to a meeting in the airport resistance group “Stay Grounded”, who will go public i September.

Pre-conference program Friday 12.10. at 10-16

We are trying to do something during the day. An excursion related to night trains, a meeting with some interesting people.

Friday evening: Public event at 19-21 (Back-on-Track and Stay Grounded together) – Language: English

Turnabout Mobility: The challenge to stay grounded

Maybe four introductions each 10-15 minutes max, enough time to questions and answers. Themes could be:

· Cars and techno fixes are a problem, and not the solution. By Hermann Knoflacher, Professor Emeritus with Vienna Technical University

· Just Transition – Development of good work places in the public transport system, with PCS

· What kind of drivers are there to reduce flying?, with Stay Grounded

· How can trains and night trains contribute to climate friendly mobility?, with Back-on-Track

Open forum, questions and answers.

We will try to provide simultaneous translation – bring your phone and headset – and we will try to translate to French and German. 

Saturday 11.10. 9-9.30: Coffee and welcome

Conference program 9.30-12: (Back-on-Track and Stay Grounded together) Introductions Stay Grounded and Back on Track: who are we, what do we want, what has happened so far, voices from the different struggles. (Discussion: How to shift plane traffic to the railway?)

12-13: Lunch together

13-18: (Back-on-Track) The latest development since January, also on the political scene. Recent expansions of night trains, progress report from various countries.

18-19.30: Dinner together (at a restaurant)

20-21.30: Social event.

Sunday  12.10. 9.30: (Back-on-Track) Some of the challenges we are still facing. Work program covering the next year.

12-13: Lunch together

13-15: (Back-on-Track)Special focus: The situation of trains and night trains in Eastern Europe.

15-16.30: (Back-on-Track and Stay Grounded together) Conclusions in common.

16.30-17.30: (Back-on-Track and Stay Grounded together) Demonstration/Action in the public.

Venue: Friday evening one place. Saturday and Sunday another place. To be confirmed shortly.

Registration: Will be opened in August

Accommodation: Private accommodation (a list will be organized) or cheaper hostel accommodation, like A&O Hostel which is located near the Central Station.