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Minister and DSB reactions to 42,000 signatures

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As a follow-up on our hand-over of 42,000 signatures the minister for Transport, Ole Birk Olesen, tells us (and with less relevant talk removed):

(…) In accordance with (…) minimum requirements, DSB is not obliged to drive a night train to the south from Denmark. However, the contract does not prevent DSB from reintroducing such a night train to destinations in Europe if DSB considers that such a service should be established.

DSB is commenting like this (in the same paper):

(…) DSB has assessed the proposal from the organizations behind the 42,000 signatures.

Basically, we agree that there are exciting perspectives to reintroduce night trains between Denmark and other European countries.

(…) At the same time, it should be noted that, in accordance with the traffic contract with the Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing, DSB is not obliged to run night trains to other European countries.

(…) It has not been possible for DSB to find a business model for an economically sustainable night train concept (since 2014). However, we are open to a possible request from another operator wishing to cooperate with us. In an eventual dialogue, a large number of technical issues will be identified in terms of material, personnel, infrastructure and economics, before DSB can comment more concretely.

>> Read the letter in original (Danish)

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