News from the struggle in France

Rough translation of an update 16.1. 2018 on

In November and December many mobilizations took place in the south and in Paris. They gave rise to a series of press articles. Congratulations in particular to the mobilization in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) and the Friends of the Rail Azuréens for having obtained the positive reaction of the Region!

The strategy of the State and the SNCF: to move forward with the maximum of discretion.

The “last” night trains Paris-Nice circulated 9-10 December, without comment from the State or the SNCF. It is now a question of dismantling as discreetly as possible. At the same time, malfunctions multiply on all the remaining lines:

(1) the removal of Paris-Rodez 5 days out of 7 for simultaneous work on the 2 possible routes.

(2) The Briançon trains leave very late for the reservation at Christmas.

(3) extra costs are assigned to the Port Bou branch (cleaning is now done with a round trip to Toulouse during the day).

(4) Numerous malfunctions also on Latour Carol.

(5) the showers are removed “permanently” in Austerlitz.

(6) strong reduction of auto/trains or motorails.

(7) According to rumors, the SNCF management would like to stop the night train activity completely in October 2018.

(8) The State retains the information: despite requests from MPs, the SNCF and the State have still not published the key figures on the ICN. Same thing for the regulator of competition, the ARAFER, yet supposedly “independent”. It has published a study on all rail passenger activities, without providing any data on overnight Intercités.


2 / We need you for 2018 shares

* Communicate not to let the trains disappear in silence: The SNCF and the State want the dismantling with the least possible noise? Help us communicate even more!

The web page now offers demonstration and communication kits to help local groups act and communicate.

* Meet the decision-makers: In 2018 the deputies will vote (or not) the renewal of the train of nights. The future mobility law will be voted upon in April: propose that the Intercité de nuit appear there for more ecological long-distance transport and which serve the remote territories and the transversal links!

* Need relay throughout the Hexagon: East, West and North also need Intercités at night to be connected to the south and the international. We help to start local groups (in creation in Lyon, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Nancy-Metz). They need new members: join us!

Everyone can participate in the investigation:

* If you take the night train please contact us to interview travelers for a sociological survey to show the usefulness of night trains. contact: yesautraindenuit-anthropo (@)

* Translation: we need translators from German to French (among others). Thank you for writing us!

* Help us to describe the malfunctions as precisely as possible on

* We also want to give a vision of the future. Write to us to participate in this research and many others!


3 / Calendar 2018

* Action on January 20 in Capdenac for Paris-Rodez.

* Action on January 26 for the lines of the Alps and Briançon-Paris.

* Night train workshop at the European Parliament on 30 January 2018.

* April 7-16, 2018 week of action and meetings the “Spring Intercity Night” with Back-on-Track network!

One thought on “News from the struggle in France”

  1. David Loher says:

    Je suis votre pétition et vos discussions avec plaisir.
    J’ai dèjà signé cette pétition encore dans l’an passeé.

    Je suis un citoyen suisse où j’habite aussi.
    J’aitais un cheminot qu’ un accompagnteur tu train chez BLS. – la deuxième compagnie en Suisse.
    J’ ai beaucoup d’ expériences avec les exploitations et surtout j’ accompagnais des trains de nuit et les train d’auto en transit par la Suisse.
    Il y a 2,5 ans qeu je fondais une nouvelle société – une cooperative – en Suisse avec le but de déservir des niches de service des trains en Europe et même aussi d’acheter et vendre des immobilliers.

    Qu’ est – ce que je voudrais dire?
    Je suis prêt de reouvrier et de recommencer quelleques des lignes du train de nuit et de l’auto en Europe.
    Et peut – être d’acheter l’instillation de la rampe de l’auto à Narbonne pour déservir les services de l’auto -train sans la SNCF.

    Mais malhereusement la monnaie manque jusq’au présent pour réaliser ce projet immense.

    Mais peut – être il y a des quelque personnes qui pourraît m’aider et soutenir avec de l’argent, des autres aides ou bien enrégistrer dans ma cooperative laquelle est ouverte pour tout le monde.
    Pour le moment je suis au chomage et je peux aider en relations différentes, come traduire de l’alleman ou anglais en francais ou des autres choses mais malheursement pas gratuitement parce que je ne recois plus de solde pour le moment.

    Avec meilleur salutations
    David Loher

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