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#NightTrainDreams campaign 2016

child-in-couchettePicture: Alexander Troitzsch

Let us collect many good existing and new pictures with people using conventional and un-conventional beds in trains from many European countries.


  • Get really many, funny pictures to highlight that a train is good to sleep, particular if there is a bed!
  • To spread them on the internet and let the message get a viral life on social medias and websites

The hashtag #NightTrainDreams has been selected. It is not used by any others, is short and gives a good meaning in relation to our objectives.

Upload pictures with the hashtag at any media you prefer, but if you can, you may use Instagram, which is an efficient way to upload pictures to a campaign of this kind.

>> Take a look at the collections of pictures made with the hashtag in Instagram

Or make a simple google search with the hashtag!

Pictures could be with:

  • Pictures from existing or past night trains
  • Hammock with sleeping person in a train
  • Person with a pillow and blanket in the luggage net
  • Person on the air mattress on the floor of a train with headlamp, reading bedtime story
  • With or without speech balloons
  • and many other motives from the transport sector

>> Do you want to contribute, but need a little help?