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ÖBB will fill some night train gaps after DB closures

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ÖBB – the Autrian Railways – will open night train runs from Germany to Austria and Switzerland when German Railways (DB) will close all their lines. ÖBB will take over aprox. 40% of the lines.

Timetable and bookings is open.

With ÖBB night trains partly on German tracks the following will happen from the timetable change December 11, 2016.

  • EN 490/491: Hamburg – Nürnberg – Passau – Wien
  • EN 40490/40421: Düsseldorf – Frankfurt – Nürnberg – Passau – Wien
  • EN 420/421: Düsseldorf – Frankfurt – Nürnberg – Augsburg – München – Kufstein – Innsbruck
  • EN 40420/40491: Hamburg – Nürnberg – Augsburg – München – Kufstein – Innsbruck
  • EN 470/471: Zürich – Basel Bad – Frankfurt – Erfurt – Berlin – Hamburg
  • EN 294/295, EN 40463/40236, EN 40295/40235: München – Salzburg – Rom/Venedig/Mailand
  • Zürich – Prague (via Austria)

The existing ÖBB-lines Vienna-Hamburg and Vienna-Düsseldorf will be connected with the new lines Innsbruck-Hamburg and Innsbruck-Düsseldorf to an X-shaped pair of trains with exchange of cars at Nürnberg.

Put it in another way. From the DB network, what will remain, what will be changed and what will fall out?

 München-Venedig: will be taken over 1:1
 München-Rom: re-routed via Salzburg-Villach-Venedig instead of Innsbruck-Bolzano
 München-Mailand: re-routed via Salzburg-Villach-Venedig instead of Innsbruck-Bolzano
 München-Hamburg: will be extended to Innsbruck-Hamburg and drive via Nürnberg instead of via Stuttgart-Frankfurt 
 München-Amsterdam: will be extended in the south end and shortened in northwest to Innsbruck-Düsseldorf and drive via Nürnberg instead of via Stuttgart
 Zürich-Amsterdam: will fall out
 Zürich-Hamburg: re-routed between Frankfurt and Hamburg via Erfurt and Berlin instead of via Kassel and Hannover
 Zürich-Berlin: together with the train Zürich-Hamburg; the season extension to Binz on the island Rügen will fall out
 Zürich-Dresden-Prag: will fall out
 Köln-Berlin-Prag: will fall out
 Köln-Berlin-Warschau: will fall out

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German Allianz pro Schiene is now super positive toward night trains and is arguing for better business environment for night trains, read it here.

This is the proposed exterior of the new-introduced NightJet trains by ÖBB.nightjet

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