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Petition: Belgium to be served by night trains in the future

It is now more than 15 years in Belgium that the last night train left the station of Brussels never to return. This mode of transport, used by many generations in the twentieth century and synonymous with great trips and holidays, has found a renewed interest among the population in Europe. Countries like Austria have already revived this activity and others like Scandinavia and France are discussing the subject. As for the Belgium state owned railway company SNCB, it has no intention, either soon or in the distant future, of resubmitting this service. This lack of ambition and vision is desolate, especially in a society in transition seeking new alternatives to transportation. Consequently, we ask the government to play its role as the main shareholder of SNCB and to ask it to seriously study the possibility of reopening night intercity lines, as was the case in the past.

>> Sign the petition, and read all the arguments (full Dutch and English translation will follow soon)

Picture: Kurt Foncke

35 thoughts on “Petition: Belgium to be served by night trains in the future”

  1. Sofia Lindstrand

    Please reconsider the possibility to open nighttrains to Brussels, to make it possible to travel in a more environmental-friendly way!

  2. We tried last weekend for train to Istanbul from Copenhagen and further to Tblisi…bit it didn’t work all the Way

  3. More night trains in Europe! It is necessary for the future. Please be a role model as Brussels is the “European capital”.

  4. Please bring back the night trains! I used them frequently during the 90’s between BE-CH as well as BE-SE

  5. Katarina Niklasson

    Bring back the night trains and make it easier for people to chose a climate friendly way to travel within Europe!

  6. We need to be able to travel in Europe without taking flights.
    Therefore we also must have night trains to reach our destinations.

  7. Reinstating the inter-city night trains is an essential part of reconnecting the European cities through the railway system. A sustainable European transport and travel industry is dependent on a functioning and accessible railway system.

  8. All railways should have night trains for longer distances to make it convenient to travel in a climate smart way.

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