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Petitions: Climate-friendly Europe – save emissions with night trains

(1) Four German members of European Parliament have started a petition, please help them! Find the petition here!

(2) Also Euer Knuth from Berlin has started a petition with an appeal to German Railways, DB. Support him too!

(3) Another night train petition, this time addressed to Polish Railways and asking to bring back Warsaw-Brussels connection (the old Jan Kiepura, cancelled in 2016). It was created by the activist of Ostra Zielen, a youth organization of Polish Green Party and recently endorsed by Sylwia Spurek, a Polish MEP.  Find it here!

(4) The Belgium petition – mentioned elsewhere here.

Translation from German (concerning the first petition mentioned):

Next year, the Federal Republic of Germany will take over the EU Presidency. Therein lies the great opportunity to protect the climate and strengthen Europe. This begins when traveling to the European capital Brussels.

That is why we ask you, dear Federal Chancellor Merkel, dear Federal Minister Scheuer, dear Dr. Ing. Lutz, dear Mr Huber, to work for the resumption of the night train between Berlin and Brussels from July 2020 – and for you to use the German Presidency as a whole to further expand the European long-distance and night train network.

The Federal Republic of Germany should comply with the internationally agreed climate targets. To achieve this all kind of CO2 emissions should be saved. If you travel by train from Berlin to Brussels, you only use a fraction of CO2 compared to the plane.

On regular business trips, this adds up quickly. Many use the plane because they cannot travel with the current train connections of the Deutsche Bahn AG for travel between Berlin and Brussels which are only during the daytime, so you lose 6-8 hours and usually have to arrive the day before.

Join forces for a night train connection between Berlin and Brussels! Create an alternative to planes. Make it easier for families, business travelers, members of parliament, tourists and young people to travel in a climate-friendly way – also on other routes, with an expansion of the European night train system.

We are confident that this new offer will also be well received beyond the German Council Presidency and will be an important building block and an important signal in the context of the necessary European transport change.

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