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Make the Network an NGO

In April 2024 we decided to transform our informal European network into an formal non-profit organisation.
As many other European umbrella organisations we formed an Association internationale sans but lucratif / Internationale vereniging zonder winstoogmerk under Belgian law. We have agreed on statutes and collected 1.800 € in donations to finance the set up cost. Next step is registration with the Belgian authorities.

Contact: Peter Bayens (BoT BE)

Target Network 2030

Which night train routes are still needed? Which ones are realistic? Which distances would travel times allow in 2030?
In this project, we first want to present a meta-study of existing feasibility studies. In the next step, we want to complement these with well-founded route proposals. The aim is to present (by the time of the EP elections in 2024) a serious proposal for a night train destination network that could be technically and politically implemented by 2030.

Open Night Train Database

Which night trains depart from my place of residence? Can I book them for my desired travel date? How much does a couchette cost? Where can I book? In this project we are trying to gather volunteer developers to create a night train database with open data that could serve as a common source of information for various non-commercial and commercial front-ends, static or dynamic, accessible via an API and using standards like GTFS.