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Project: Target Network 2030

Which night train routes are still needed? Which ones are realistic?
Which distances would travel times allow in 2030?

In this project, we first want to present a meta-study of existing feasibility studies. In the next step, we want to complement these with well-founded route proposals. The aim is to present to the new European Comission a serious proposal for a night train destination network that could be technically and politically implemented by 2030.

Start of this project: 25th September 2023
Deadline for this project December 2024

Project coordinator: Finn Gleichmann (BoT DE)

Tasks to be accomplished:

  • Complete our collection of feasibility studies
  • List the proposals in a table with the available key feasibility parameters for all the proposals, possibly using the model of the database of existing night trains.
  • Discuss definitions and scope (do we look at 2030 or better 2032, do we examine the amount of trains needed per line etc…)
  • Streamline overlapping proposals
  • Present the metastudy to the public
  • Identifying missing links by allocating the proposed and existing lines to our list of replaceable connections form the 2022 study of the GHG-reduction Potential of night trains – we’ll see which relations are missing
  • Configuring lines that would cover the the gap and examining their feasibility
  • Draw a map of all lines needed.
  • Possibly use the interactive map from the Night train Database procet to present an interactive map of our proposal.
  • Present the map to the public, possibly alongside a EU transport ministers meeting in Brussels during the Belgian presidency
  • Possibly publish the Target Network 2030 on the backside of the 2024 printed version of our night train map.

We need your support:

Interested in supporting this endeavour? We need:

  • A project coordinator
  • 3-4 researchers
  • a designer willed to continue working with our map in Figma
  • Someone with writing skills (in any language), coordinating press work (in English)