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Public opinion against DB

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Just before closing time comments from many walks of life is giving DB a hard time.

>> Swiss TV broadcasts a report on night trains

Observe the footage of protests from Zurich and Copenhagen in June 2016, and notice the statements by Daniel Costantino of »umverkehR« and Thomas Sauter-Servaes (one of the experts invited by German Bundestag for the hearing in January 2015).

In the SRF broadcast we hear from the CEO of BTE (adopts Autozug Hamburg-Lörrach-Hamburg) who say that of course is a dining car here, because they are “railroaders by heart and soul” and want to offer guests a good service. In addition, travelers can take the train even without a car, if places are available.


Picture from SRF. Programme broadcasted on 29.7. 2016

Also from many other sides is DB facing negative comments.

In the German television RBB (14.9.) this critical feature was shown.

Notice that Joachim is not the company’s spokesperson, but the speaker of the employees’ committee for economic issues.

In the business website Wirtschafs Woche 1.6. is the kolumnist Marcus Werner very straight forward:

“For them (DB top management), train travel does not have to be pleasant, but lucrative. When an organisation that claims “The time belongs to you” want to bury the night train, is gives the proof: The railway management has no real railway blood in their veins.

Pleasant and lucrative at the same time – that dares the train at night traffic not to be.

And passionate rail customers, environmentalists and traffic experts call the track in horror: “WHAT MAKES THEY HERE ?? ???? !!!?”

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In Süddeutsche Zeitung a commentary from Karl-Heinz Büschemann 1.8. say:

Deutche Bahn (DB) is the sad proof that Germany is still a car-Republic
The railways are hard to control. They are large and complicated, but must act flexibly. DB belongs to 100 percent to the state, but is to act as a business enterprise. At the same time, the federal government as the owner of DB forget to explain what kind of mission the railways shall perform in the transport policy. The state leave the railway alone. This is as absurd as would the major shareholder Quandt family, which possess approximately half of BMW, should stay out of the strategy of the car company. So silly, to let the board potter, as no private investor would. The federal government allows that the train is traveling without a road map and compass.

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