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RAILTECH Magazine: Night train comeback

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Night trains are making a comeback in Europe, so what is a better time to publish a special magazine about this topic? The RailTech magazine on Night trains in Europe is now freely available.

Plans for a Trans Europ Express 2.0, further expansions of RegioJet and Snälltåget and the founding of several new night train start-ups show there is no doubt about a revival of sleeper trains. However, there are also still many obstacles in the way of a real open European market where night trains are a good alternative to flights for destinations all over Europe.

This RailTech magazine dives into what led to the revival of night trains and the challenges of an open-access operator as voiced by head of Snälltåget Carl Adam Holmberg. Read an interview with co-founder of start-up European Sleeper, about the plans of two Belgian entrepreneurs for a new night train and European Passengers’ Federation board member Arriën Kruyt’s case for lower track access charges for night trains.

>> Have a look at the whole magazine

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