Reports about the future of night trains

This is a collection of reports worth to study:

“A Plea For A night Train Renaissance” by Back-on-Track, Belgium
This Plea for a Night Train Renaissance discusses several important elements. First, the key turnpoint changes since the 1880s until today are raised. Among other things, there is a focus on the political, social, economic and ecological aspects of night trains. For example, the difference in global warming effect of air travel and rail transport is clearly established. Secondly this document considers different customer profiles and the role of the European Railway Agency. Also, recommendations are made for policy makers and railway operators. The final part of this document is very important: it discusses why Brussels is the perfect city to become a central node in the future night train network. Find it here.

“One every 2 air passenger will have the option to choose overnight train in Europe” by Oui au train de nuit, France
Find it here.

Swedish report
from Trafikverket
A practical report from 27.4. 2020 giving advices to Swedish and Danish governments how to re-introduce Scandinavian night trains. Find it here (in Swedish) and find it here (machine translated to English).

Danish report
made by a group of campaigners in April 2020 to tell that it is possible with both a climate and a passenger argument to let European railways and night trains replace intra-European aviation in steps to 2050. Find it here.

French report
Is giving a broad overview of the European situation with special focus on French night trains. Find it here.

Windland report
The wind power entrepreneur Joachim Falkenhagen commissioned in 2014 a study from the renowned transport consultancy Vieregg-Rössler GmbH on the feasibility of a European sleeping car and hotel train concept, which brought valuable findings and is quoted in many place. Not on web. Ask us for your private copy.

Fraunhofer report
The development of an attractive European night train system and potential for night train traffic from, to and within Germany. Find it as pdf here

EU-Parliament report and our comments


Thesis from Delft 2019
Night-Time Train Travel by Martijn Heufke Kantelaar.

Mikael Thorsén: Analysis of the decline and prospects of European night train traffic. A master’s thesis at Lund Technical University

BalkanBarriers to trans-national passenger rail services in the Western Balkans

Arup: Future of rail 2050
“Entwicklung eines attraktiven europäischen Nachtzugsystems und Potenziale für den Nachtzugverkehr von, nach und innerhalb Deutschlands”

This study on night trains has been developed in 2017 and has been held back by the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) for two years, until October 2019.

The study defines criteria for an economically successful night train network; its goal is not to establish an extensive, supply-oriented and heavily subsidized network as “service of general interest”. It analyses existing studies and the information given in the night train hearings of German parliament in 2015 and 2017. The study proves that night trains are a reasonable alternative to flying and using the own car, and it recommends public support, e. g. guarantees for rolling stock, or even providing a European car pool so that providers could lease the rolling stock.  Find the report here (German language)