Status for cross border passenger traffic efter five years of open market

On 17 June 2015 national rail operators, industry experts, representatives from border regions and members of the European Commission came together to discuss with the RoCK partners “Where do we stand after five years of open-market international rail passenger transport?”

The Dutch organizer Gösta Weber said among others: “The problem is that transport organisations don’t have the right objectives to work with one another and that little consideration is given to neighbouring countries or travellers themselves and where they want to go.”

MEP Michael Cramer, Chair of the TRAN Committee on Transport and Tourism, underlined Irwin’s statement: “The gaps are where the borders are, and it is up to governments to foster activities that help these gaps to disappear.”

The conference i Brussels on 17.6. 2015 was organized by RoCK (Regions of Connected Knowledge), and members of the Back on Track network participated.

>> Read the summary from the conference

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