Study trip and activist meeting in Perpignan

The campaign in Southern France to maintain night trains to Paris has been hard but also succesful. We will in November have a first-hand chance to learn more about the situation: Political alliances, mobilization, media work and other matters.

Perpignan is one of the communities in this fight. Our host this day is one of the important regional politicians.

The Back-on-Track network will also use this opportunity to meet in person, and discuss matters with relation to the European fight for environmental friendly night trains.

The meeting will probably start Saturday 11.11. around 9.30 in a meeting facility in the city center.

Arrival: Participants can start with a ride with the French night train from Paris to Perpignan, departing Friday evening 20:34 from Paris Austerlitz, arriving at Perpignan Saturday morning at 9:03. Please book now, there is a risk of an early sold out train.

Please let us know whether you are interested to join the meeting and how long time you can stay. From this information we can build the program around that! Contact Poul (poul(at)kattler) and Nicolas (nicolasforien(at)

Some might want to continue and go to Cerbere Sunday morning and meet some other people there?

Some would like to return with a night train from Perpignan to Paris Saturday evening 20:30 (if the train is running!!??).