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Support our Brussels conference in October

Back-on-Track will organize its annual conference on nighttrains this year in Brussels on 15th, 16th and 17th of October, if conditions allow, and we have agreed that this year’s will be in a new and more institutional format:

Night trains were until recently the most common means for intra-European transport. However for ecological as well as resilience reasons, we need to put them back at the heart of our long distance mobility on our continent. This conference will allow specialists (BOT members, MEPs, professionals (railway infrastructure operators, train companies, manufacturers)) to discuss the different aspects necessary for this renaissance (challenges and opportunities) and inform a wider audience about what modern night trains are.

Because of the current situation, we shall also focus on postcorona safety aspects. It will furthermore be necessary to discuss how the cards have to be re-dealt between train operators and airlines after this crisis.

Several projects keep us busy on a daily basis and will be discussed during the event: a study (EU Tender!) on the return of night trains, that will be discussed with DG MOVE and other experts, a feasibility study on the relaunch of the Paris-Brussels-Berlin connection (and the associated petitions) and also other projects such as the Malmö/Stockholm-Copenhagen-Cologne-Brussels line:

One of Back-on-Track’s missions is to facilitate communication between the different parties to accelerate the development of night train connections of common public interest in Europe and our 3-day conference is the platform to move forward on important points.

Beside motivation we need your commitment to have more and better night train connections through all Europe!

So help us in participating in our crowdfunding campaign and share this article to spread the news!

Soon, the complete program will be available on Back-on-Track´s website.

>> Find our crowdfunding website here and donate!

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