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Support the Paris – Nice night train! E-mail to the French minister!

>> French and Italian translation

The French national railroad company SNCF and the French government plan to close down the important night train connection Paris – Nice the from December 2017.

The Paris – Nice line is important not only for France but for international travelers and tourists to the Mediterranean sea. It is a scandal if France cancels such an essential night train connection.

Night trains have numerous advantages: Train travel is many times more climate-friendly than air transport. Night trains allow good connections and departure and arrival times for long time travel. Night trains require much less investment than high-speed trains.

We try to convince the French Minister of Transport by e-mails from each of us directly to her. You are welcome to personalize it before you send:

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    Note: A copy of your email is sent to Back-on-Track network to keep track of the number of mails – your e-mail will not be kept in any database.

    This action is running from November 20th, 2017.