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Support us – with your company

Our goal is to protect the environment, especially our climate, and to support people who want to travel by rail (for this reason, among others).

We are happy to get support from companies from the train / rail or travel industry who share these goals with us and would therefore like to support our activities, or who would simply prefer to take the comfortable, fast night train rather than the plane for business trips, but are not yet able to do so and instead of (just) soothing their conscience with a CO2 offset, want to actively do something for better night train services by supporting our work.

Participate: Corporate members can nominate a representative who will be invited to coordination meetings and can participate and vote like any personal member. These currently take place every 2-3 months as Zoom conferences at 9pm in German (as we are part of a European network, a knowledge of English is helpful for some actions).

Membership fee: Corporate members also classify their contribution themselves. The minimum monthly contribution here is 10 €. If the company’s business is train / rail / travel related, we consider a yearly contribution of 1 per mille of the turnover in the relevant business area to be appropriate. If a company without such a connection would like to promote more business trips by night train, we recommend a yearly contribution of one per cent of its average travel costs.

For more information read our → Statues (PDF, German) and → contribution rules (PDF, German)

Of course you can also become member as a private person.

    Ja, ich möchte, dass meine Firma Mitglied bei bei Back-on-Track Germany e.V. wird und bin befugt, das für diese zu erklären: