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Action Days 16-18 September 2022: Brussels-Malmö Hop on

Back-on-TRack Sweden in action

In the spring of 2021, a feasibility study was announced with great optimism for, among other things, a night train between Malmö in Sweden and Brussels. In the end, “the market” was only interested in operating a night train between Stockholm and Hamburg. Since this news, in September 2021, the idea of a connection to or from Brussels has also remained very quiet.

Map of night trains and 4 flight connections. Comparison: 205 kgCO2e by plane and 15kg CO2e by night train
Proposed night train route Bruxelles-Malmö with potential GHG savings

On this first ‘Tag der Schiene’ and the start of the European Mobility Week, Back-on-Track Europe, Back-on-Track Belgium vzw-asbl and Back-on-Track Germany e.V. are joining forces. Together with other supporters in Denmark and Sweden, we are putting the night train from #Hub4Brussels to Malmö on track, which was announced a few months before the Swedish Presidency and a good year before the Belgian Presidency of the Council of Europe.

Read also the study we carried out to show that night trains can avoid 3% of European GHG emissions!

Photo stream:

Belgian Transport secretary Georges Gilkinet starts the trip with activists from Back-on-Track Belgium
Georges Gilkinet gets a “wake-up call” for overnight train to Sweden from Back-on-Track Belgium
Activists from Back-on-Track Germany in front of the German Ministry of Transport
Back-on-Track in a meeting with German Railway Minister Susanne Henckel and senior ministry officials
Event by Back-on-Track Denmark in København H with Henning Hyllested, MP speaking
Event by Back-on-Track Denmark in København H with Tony Bispekov (DSB) speaking
Public breakfast in Malmö by Swedish activists from Jordens Vänner Malmö-Lund

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2 thoughts on “Action Days 16-18 September 2022: Brussels-Malmö Hop on”

  1. Just saw the full video of your inaugural run from Berlin to Brussels! Loved it. I live in California and our trains are no match for Europe. I really hope I can travel in a sleeper train in Europe soon! Wonderful to see your enthusiasm and dedication- please keep it up! Thank you.

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