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Update on the DB cut of night trains from latest Dec. 2016

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The DB AG, Deutsche Bahn is about to abolish ALL DB Nighttrains with Couchette and Seeping-Couches (WL) on from Dezember 2016 (or before) and carry on alone with Inter-City-Nighttrains only with Seats or only with Busses!

Ironicly DB Manager Pofalla (CDU) told it to Journalists at the “Climate-Train to Paris” from Berlin at 28th of November (yoú may read an article on: “”)

It is a great scandal, that one of the biggest public train companies in Europe is torpedoing the efforts and consultations of the World to reduce CO2 this days in Paris, and in the result pushes ca.1 Million passengers per anno into the airplaines in Europe with the result of Millions of tons more CO2 emissions.

One day after Pofalla`s Interview, the DB AG informed the Management of the DB European Railservice (DB ERS, the Service-Company of the Night-and Autotrains). They informed the workers councils about their intentions to discontinue all DB Night trains next year.

The decision is final, and it was made before Christmas.

Speaker of the Left-Party, the LINKE, seated in the Bundestag-Traffic commission, Sabine Leidig, made  this scandal  public with a very good speech at the Parliament during a debate to the COP Paris and Climate-Change (you may read and hear it on: www.

What can we recommend the concerned public?

At the moment write to German politicians and to the press. And of course not leave DB alone. DB wants to pretend to be a green company – and they are not.

In neighbor countries focus should also come to this urgent and imported scandal, and we shall discuss, how we can mobilize on the European level and get into actions.

The Back on Track network is busy to organize protest, make alliances and to establish a new political agenda to put Night Trains back.

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