Do you want to contribute, but need a little help?

  • Take new pictures related to the hashtag with your phone or digital camera.
  • Take a look into your good old digital pictures on your pc or mac. You may add a nice speech-bubble, evt. from this site and enter your text on top.
  • But you may also take your drawing or analogue picture and scan it.

If you have access to Photoshop or a similar photo editing program crop the original to format 599 x 599 and make it sharper before you export as reduced jpeg to Instagram or Facebook.

Send it to your smartphone. Open in Instagram App. Will only accept a squared picture. Add the hashtag #NightTrainDreams, location and other relevant hashtags. Distribute.

Or ask for help. Write to us on the formular on this website.

Follow some of the contributions here on instagram.