Our Night Train Map

with all regularly served night train destinations and important stops in Central and Western Europe.
(For cruise and car-only trains also including Belarus, Russia, the Caucasus and Northern Africa please look here.)

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How to use our night train map:

The colours indicate which train belongs to which operator. The EuroNight trains have been assigned to the main operator. The address of the operator’s website can be found in the main colour of the respective network. All websites are in English and offer online booking (except for the Turkish TCDD). Please note that the nodes represent cities but not specific stations. We are imprecise here for reasons of readability and laziness (because stations can change from time to time).

Help us to keep this night train map up to date:

Our night train schedule is updated regularly. If a line is missing or has been discontinued, please let us know. We add through coaches if they are sleeping or couchette cars. We add irregular services if they run at least weekly for three subsequent months. We do not add luxury cruise trains or car trains that do not allow booking without a vehicle. We add lines that are announced in the current timetable, lines that are announced for next year’s timetable from mid-December will be added in December. Please understand that we cannot display all stops and that stops and end points do not necessarily represent their exact geographical location.

Latest updates on night train connections are also collected by Traintracks.eu (in German language).


This work was inspired by the great works of Jug Cerovič, theflyingindonesian and the Green EP Groups night train poster.

Usage Rights:

You can use the map freely under CC-BY-NC 3.0 rules. Please credit our work in this form: (CC-BY-NC) Juri Maier / Back-on-Track.eu providing a link to this page if technically possible. Please contact us if you consider using the map for commercial purposes.