Our Design

If you like to produce Back-on-Track material for your group, here you can find all necessary resources. Please stick to the design patterns where possible, so we have a unique and recognisable design.

Our Colours:

Our Font

Back-on-Track used Mark Pro ever since.

Mark Pro is a derivate of the FF Mark font, a sans serif created by Hannes von Doehren, Christoph Koeberlin and the FontFont Type Department in 2013. It contains a broad range of special characters that will allow us to properly display place names throughout Europe. FF Mark is free for personal use, Mark Pro in offered on numerous sites as a free font. Personal use should includes non-commercial voluntary activities like ours.

You can download it at 8fonts (Regular and Bold) or at UpFonts (complete family)

Our Logo

Our logo should always display light stars on a dark background. So please use the inverted version if the Logo is displayed on a dark backgroud.

3c / 4c version

We use this logo for digital publications or when printing CMYK (4c)



B-o-T_4c_Logo.SVG (can not be uploaded)
B-o-T_4c_Logo.EPS (can not be uploaded)


B-o-T_4c_Brand.SVG (can not be uploaded)
B-o-T_4c_Brand.EPS (can not be uploaded)

1c version

This single colour version should be used if printing in 4c is not possible or advisable



B-o-T_1c_Logo.SVG (can not be uploaded)
B-o-T_1c_Logo.EPS (can not be uploaded)


B-o-T_1c_Brand.SVG (can not be uploaded)
B-o-T_1c_Brand.EPS (can not be uploaded)

Inverted version

This single colour version should be used if the logo is to be printed on a dark background

B-o-T_1c_inverted_Logo.SVG (can not be uploaded)
B-o-T_1c_inverted_Logo.EPS (can not be uploaded)


B-o-T_1c_inverted_Brand.SVG (can not be uploaded)
B-o-T_1c_inverted_Brand.EPS (can not be uploaded)