Back-on-Track is a European network to support European cross-border passenger train traffic and in particular the night trains.

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A visionary paper from Jakop Dalunde, MEP:
Most of us love to travel, meet new people and cultures.
People want to be able to do that with good conscience, knowing that our trip has not contributed to climate change now and in the future.

An individual cannot change how and where the train goes, that's politics task to create conditions and set the system so that people can live and travel climate smart.
Imagine a Europe where there are fast and convenient train connections, where flight within Europe becomes an exception rather than a rule. You can easily via
online booking trips from Sweden to the whole Europe or go to a ticket box at a train station with good opening hours. The turns out that the train ticket is cheaper than the air ticket because they reflect real environmental costs in the price.

The number of changes is few, and you will have a nice night's sleep on the train. The kidding thrill in being on your way, see the landscape pass by. Crowd of people on the station in Hamburg, Paris or Barcelona. A rustic city in Tuscany suddenly makes sense. The fragrance of flowering citrus and sorrel from the vegetable market in the square.

Rail travel in Sweden and Europe has a key role in the work to switch to a fossil free transport sector. But because of that more people can travel by train in the future and trust that they go and arrive on time; a long-term political train vision is required what applies to investments, organization and competence. When we are planning for infrastructure today we plan for at least one century. The transportation system we choose to prioritize here and now become decisive for what society we hand over to our children and grandchildren.
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  1. Hugon says:

    Le train de nuit Paris Nice, reste le seul moyen de faire ce trajet de manière supportable, les temps de parcours TGV ayant rien d’attractif

    1. Hugon says:

      Le train de nuit est le seul moyen de rallier Nice avec un horaire supportable

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