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This page is for partner organisations who would like to support our cause by sharing news and stuff. Feel free to adopt our text below.

Current Campaigns:


➜ Reducing 3% of the EU GHG emissions by travelling in a comfortable night train
➜ Reaching destinations up to 3000 km away just on the next morning, after some relaxing sleep and a nice breakfast

…who would not like to do that? – Politics!

This is why our friends at wrote a short reminder about the (so far unused) climate-saving potential of night trains: #3percentOverNight

For the climate the plane is worse than the train, but how much worse?
6 times, 10 times, 50 times? Our friends from calculated 28 times, when comparing to it an average EU night train. Even Biofuels won’t fix that.
But: 3% of the total EU greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by 2035 if night trains were ready to compete with planes. Read more: #3percentOverNight

Classic night trains or high-speed sleepers? @BackOnTrackEU calculated how both solutions could help to reduce global warming by continuously replacing midrange flights.
In a best-case scenario, 3% of the EU emissions could be reduced by 2035 if politics starts to improve conditions now. #3percentOverNight

In a new report @BackOnTrackEU, a European network of night train initiatives, examined how night trains could help to reduce EU GHG emissions in a best-case-scenario. As every second flight could be replaced. As 7 in 10 Europeans would prefer the night train (if price and service were reasonable), this could save 26% of aviation emissions and reduce the EU global warming contribution by up to 3%. The study and datasets are available here: #3percentOverNight

Did you know? Adding the radiative forcing of contrails and other non-CO2 greenhouse gases triples the effect of just CO2 to a share of almost 12% of total EU greenhouse gas emissions. Our partners at @BackOnTrackEU just presented a report on how this could be reduced by #shift2rail using #nighttrains